Friday, March 14, 2008

The Official Cuteness Update

Lana has grown so quickly! As her parents we are always amazed at her learning new things. For example, this past weekend she added a new word to her vocabulary: BABY. Yesterday we went to Publix and every child she passed, she pointed to and said BABY...BABY!

I figured I would take the time today and list all of her amazing accomplishments. She is now 13.5 months old....

Words she says:

duck, book, Mama, Dada, Papa, hi, quack, bloo (Balloon), juice, ear, what, bite, brush, Bops (Doodlebops), ball, star, Ba (bottle), horse, boob, wow, psst, up, please, baby, dog, cat, tickle-tickle, belly, eye, light, flower...I think that is all of them for now...:-)

She started walking on her 8 month birthday. She has 10.5 teeth. She loves to dance and sing. She can climb on & off the couch. I can point to my ear, nose, eye, belly, mouth. Her favorite games are Wrestling & Hide & Seek. She has also gotten very good at giving kisses (regular, blowing kisses, & eskimo).She also loves to give high fives & E.T. Phone Home!

I am sure there is much more, but I cant think of anything else at this time to add...I will be sure to add more if I remember or if she learns anything new :-)

Being a mom rocks!!!!!

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