Thursday, April 10, 2008


Sometimes as a mom, you get a chance to stop and take a momentary break from all of the chaos violently swirling around you. The interesting thing is what you do with that time. Me? I have a couple of minutes right now and have decided to sit down and think...I know...dangerous!

Being a mom...what does it mean? It means countless sleepless nights, continually walking around with dirty clothes from spit up or grimey fingers, putting yourself second...or third...or fourth...or just plain last (sometimes you dont even make it on the list)! It means crying yourself to sleep over frustrations, exhaustion & hormones! Being a mom means running around after your toddler, yet wondering how you haven't lost any weight! It means learning how to pick & choose arguments with your spouse because you know nothing will be resolved until your children are out of the house and over 21! Being a mom means being in an upper management position without the big salary and most of the time working with out appreciation or acknowledgement from anyone but yourself. Being a mom is like being a circus performer...always juggling keys, bottles, toys, purse, cell phone, child, pacifier and anything else you are told to hold onto at any one given time all while keeping a smile on your face and not letting anyone know you are stuggling. Being a mom means keeping your shoulders open and available for teardrops, snot, drool or just sleepy heads. It means being given the most precious gift, only to know that one day in her teenage years, you will wish you saved the receipt to return it to the store! It means being blessed with watching something you made (adopted or birthed) grow & learn. It means knowing that no one else on the planet will ever understand how you feel unless they too are a mom. It means understanding, love, hapiness, sadness, frustration, beauty, peace, fear, excitement, pride, admirations, regret, hope, goosebumps, laughter, tears, smiles, frowns, and every other human emotion one person can feel in a lifetime all rolled into one BEAUTIFUL experience that I wouldn't change for anyting in the entire world.

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Jaime said...

True, so very very true.